Banana Cashewnut Kulfi

Bananas Help In Lowering The Risk Of Cancer And Asthama,lowering B.p,improving Heart Health

And Promoting Regularity,preserving Memory And Boosting Mood,eating Bananas Aids

Digestion .cashewes Help In Cancer Prevention,promotes Bone Health And A Source Of Minerals

And Vitamins.

Ingredients For Making Banana Cashewnut Kulfi:

1 Can Evaporated Milk

1 Can Sterilized Cream (170 Gram Each)

1/3 Can Of Condensed Milk, Adjust Little More Or Less By Tasting (our Cans Are 392 Grams Each)

3 Slices Of White Bread, Edges Removed

One Ripe Banana

1/2 Tea Spoon Of Freshly Ground Cardamom Power.

Method For Preparing Banana Cashewnut Kulfi:

In A Blender, Put All The Above Ingredients And Blend For 3-4 Minutes, The Mixture Will Become

Smooth And Will Start To Form Bubbles.

This Is The Base. You Can Now Flavour It With Whichever Ingredient You Want.  U Can Put

Cashews And Banana In The Mould And Poured The Base.

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