Chicken Bhuna

Chicken Pieces Coated With Many Fragrant Spices, And Then Simmered In A Tomato Puree. This
Dish Is A Family Favorite!

Ingredients For Making Chicken Bhuna:

½ Kg Chicken

2 Large Onion, Chopped

4 Cloves Garlic, Chopped

1’ Piece Fresh Ginger Root, Grated

2 Green Chilies

2 Table Spoons Of Cooking Oil Or  Ghee

Salt To Taste

2 Freshly Ground Cardamom

1/2" Piece Cinnamon Stick, Broken

2 Cloves

1 Star Anise

Bhuna Masala (1 Packet Of Maggie Bhuna Masala)

100 Grams Of  Tomato Puree

1-2 Table Spoons Of Sugar, Optional


Juice Of 1 Lime

1 Tea Spoon Of  Mangalore Chilli Masala Powder Or To Taste
(home Made)

1/2 Copra

½ Tea Spoon Of Garam Masala


Cashew Nut Bits For Garnish (don’t Chop, Break With Your Fingers)

Fresh Coriander Leaves, Chopped.

Method For Preparing Chicken Bhuna:

1. Clean And  Cut The Chicken. Marinate In The Marinade For A Couple Of Hrs

2. Heat Oil In A Medium Cooker Over Medium Heat, Add Chopped Onion And Sauté, Stirring Continuously Till Brown.

3. Stir In The Green Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Cardamom, Cinnamon. Sauté, For 1 To 2 Minutes. Add 1 Whole Star Anise Which Help Bring Out The Sweetness Of The Onions And Imparts A Subtle Aniseed Flavor But Remove Them Once The Chicken Is Cooked. Reduce Heat To Low. Place Marinated Chicken Pieces (keep Aside The Marinade) In And Stir Them Around With The Spice Mixture Until They Are Well Coated.

4. Sauté For Another 4 Minutes, Then Pour In The Tomato Puree, Bhuna Masala, Leftover Marinade, Salt And 3/4 Cup Water Stir. Do Not Use The Whistle. Let The Gravy Simmer. Stir Occasionally.

5. Chicken Bhuna Is Ready When Oil Begins To Separate From The Gravy. Check The Taste. The Gravy Should Be Medium Spicy. Add More Water Depending On The Consistency Of The Gravy You Want. Add Sugar. Garnish With Coriander Leaves And  Cashew Nuts.

6. Best Served With Rice Or Rotis.

 You May Skip The 1 Packt Of Maggie Bhuna Masala If It’s Not Available In The Local Market. But Adding It Certainly Gives A Better Taste.

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