Chicken Curry With Mixed Herbs

Ingredients For Making Chicken Curry With Mixed Herbs:

1 Kg Chicken

20 Long Red Chillies

1 Bunch Coriander Leaves

2 Bunches Palak

2 Table Spoons Of Coriander Seeds Dry Roast

1 Tea Spoons Of Jeera

1/4 Tea Sppons Of Methi

1 Tea Spoon Of Haldi

1/2 Tea Spoons Of Badesoppu Or Sounf

2 Big Onions

1 Small Pod Garlic

Small Piece Ginger

1/4 Cup Coconut, Grated And Roasted(brown)

4 Tomatoes

Eastern Chicken Masala.

Method For Preparing Chicken Curry With Mixed Herbs:

1. Roast All Masalas Except Jeera And Shajeera Without Oil.

2. Clean The Chicken And Cut In To Pieces.

3. Cut Onion And Tomatoes Into Pieces.

4. Roast Grated Coconut Till It Becomes Golden Brown.

5. Cook Cleaned Palak In Very Little Water And Make A Fine Paste.

6. Grind All Dry Masalas Along With Coconut, Ginger, Garlic And Coriander Leaves.

7. Fry Small Cut Onion Till Brown, Add Ground Masala.

8. Fry Till Oil Separates Or Till Raw Smell Disappears.

9. Add Chopped Tomatoes And Cook For 5 Minutes.

10. Add Chicken Pieces, Eastern Chicken Masala Powder, Palak Paste And Add Little (2 Cups) Water.

11. Cook On Slow Fire Till Done. If Desi Chicken Put It In The Cooker For 2 Whistle After That Cook On Slow Till Done.

12. Adjust The Consistency Of The Gravy.

13. Goes Very Well With White Rice And Chapathi.

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