Chicken Curry

 Mutton, Beef Or Chicken Can Be Preparing By Following The Same  Recipe

Ingredients For Making Chicken Curry:

· 1 Whole Chicken Skinned And Cut Into Medium Piece (11/2kg)

· 2-3 Big Tomatoes Chopped Into Peices

· 3 Onions Finely Sliced

· 2 Table Spoons  Of Ginger Garlic Paste

· 2 Tabe Spoons Of Chopped Coriander Leaves For Garnish

· 4 Table Spoons Of Cooking Oil Or Ghee

· Juice Of A Lime

· Salt To Taste

Masala For Grinding:

· 1 Cup Fresh Coconut Gratings

· 10-15 Green Chilies(more Can Be Added )

· 2 Table Spoons Of Coriander Seeds

· 1 Table Spoon Of Fennel Seeds (bedasopp)

· 1 Tea Spoon  Of Turmeric

· 2 Onions Finely Sliced

· 2 Cardamom

· 1 Inch Piece Of Cinnamon

· 4-5 Cloves

· 1 Table Spoon  Of Cooking Oil.

Method For Preparing Chicken Curry:

For The Masala To Be Ground

1. In A Cooking Pot Heat 1 Table Spoon Of Oil Or Ghee And Sauté The Sliced Onions, When

Transparent Add The Green Chilies Continue Sautéing For About 4 Minutes.

2. Now Add Coriander Seeds, Fennel Seeds And The Cinnamon, Cardamom And Cloves Sauté

Further For 3-4 Minutes.

3. Now Add The Fresh Coconut Gratings And Fry It For 5 Minutes Add Turmeric.

4. All This Sautéing Should Be Done In Medium Heat.

5. See That The Ingredients Are Not Burnt.

6. Cool It And Grind It Into A Fine Paste With A Little Water.

To Make The Chicken Gravy:

1. Wash And Drain The Skinned And Cut Chicken.

2. In A Cooking Pot Heat 4 Table Spoons Of Cooking Oil, Add Sliced Onions And Fry Till Golden,

Now Add The Ginger Garlic Paste And Sauté It For 3-4 Minutes, Add Turmeric Powder And

Chopped Tomatoes And Sauté Till The Tomatoes Are Soft.

3. Add The Drained Chicken Pieces, Salt And Cook It.

4. When Half Done Add The Ground Masala And Boil It On Medium Heat Till The Chicken Is Well


5. Add The Juice Of The Lime, Stir And Off The Heat.

6. Garnish With Coriander Leaves.

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