Chicken Dry

Discover Delicious And Easy Way To Prepare Chicken. A Curry That Your Family Will Enjoy Smile


Ingredients For Making Chicken Dry:

1 Kg Chicken

3 Tomatoes

3 Onion

Mangalore Chilly Powder Or Taal Masala, Ac To Taste

Pepper Chicken Masala, Ac To Taste


Coriander Leaves

Oil Little.

Method For Preparing Chicken Dry:

1. Clean And Cut The Chicken Into Pieces.

2. Take A Pan And Fry Chopped Onions Into Golden Brown.

3. Add Tomatoes And Cook For Sometime.

4. Add Masalas, Chicken Pieces And Coriander Leaves.

5. Cook On Slow Flame Till Done Without Adding Water.

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