Chicken Green Masala

Ingredients For Making Chicken Green Masala:

1 Kg Chicken, Cleaned & Cut

2 Tea Spoons Of Salt

2 Tea Spoons Of Chicken Green Masala Powder- ( U Can Use Bon Chicken Green Masala Powder,

Available At All Super Markets It Contains Pepper, Jeera, Coriander Seeds, Salt & Natural Spices)

1 Large Onion, Chopped

2 Medium Tomatoes

6 Chopped Green Chillies


Juice Of 1 Lime Or 1 Table Spoon Of Tamrind Paste

1 Table Spoon Of Chopped Fresh Coriander Leafs

To Be Ground To Paste:

2 Onions

1 Pod Small Garlic

1" Ginger, Sliced

1 Cup Coriander Leafs.

Method For Preparing Chicken Green Masala:

1.marinate The Chicken In 2 Table Sppons Of Salt & Chicken Green Masala Powder For 1/2 An Hour. Keep In The Fridge.

2. Fry The Chopped Onion In 3 Tea Spoons Of Ghee Till Pink In A Cooker. Add The Tomatoes & Fry Till Soft. Add The Green Chillies & Fry Till It Gives A Nice Aroma. Add The Ground Masala & Fry Till The Raw Smell Disappears And  The Masala Starts Leaving The Sides Of The Pan.

3. Add Lime Or Tamrind & Water.

4. Lastly Add The Marinated Chicken & Check The Taste. Add More Salt & Chicken Green Masala Powder If Required.

5. Cook Till Done And  Serve Garnished With Fresh Coriander Leafs.

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