Chicken In Tomato Gravy

Ingredients For Making Chicken In Tomato Gravy

1kg Chicken Skinned, Cut And Clean To 10 Pieces

3 Large Onions

3 Green Chillies



2 Tea Spoons Of Lime Juice

Ingredients For The Masala Powder: ( All Dry Roasted)

10 Kashmiri Chilli

1 Table Spoon Of Coriander Seeds

1 Tea Spoon Of Jeera

11/2 Tea Spoon Of  Soump Or Bedasoppu

1/2 Inch Cinnamon, 2-3 Clove. 1 Cardamom And A Bay Leaf

1/2 Tea Spoon Of Shahjeera

1 Tea Spoon Of Haldi

Fresh Ingredients:

3 Tomatoes Blanched In Hot Water And Skinned

1 Inch Ginger

4 Big Flakes Of Garlic

1/2 Bunch Coriander Leafs ( Keep Aside Some For Garnish)

2 Springs Of Mint

1 Big Onion.

Method For Preparing Chicken In Tomato Gravy:

1. Make A Coarse Puree Of The Above Ingredients.i.e Dry & Fresh Ingredients.

2. In A Cooking Pot Add 1/4 Cup Of Cooking Oil Or Ghee And Fry 3 Large Chopped Onions To Golden.

3. Remove A Few And Keep For Garnishing.

4. Now Add The Coarsely Pureed Masala And Start Frying It Till The Oil Leaves The Pan.

5. Add A Few Whole Green Chillies And A Bay Leaf Saute.

6. Add The Cleaned And Drained Chicken Pieces And Fry It Along With The Masala For A Few Minutes, Add Salt To Taste.

7. Add A Little Water And Leave It To Cook On A Low Fire Till Done.

8. Add Lime Juice.

9. Now The Chicken Gravy Is Ready To Eat, Garnish With Fried Onions And Chopped Coriander Leafs.

10. To Eat It With Rotis Keep The Gravy Thick, With Rice, More Water Can Be Added.

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