Kori Da Koddel Or Chicken Rasa Bunts Style

Ingredients For Making Kori Da Koddel Or Chicken Rasa Bunts Style:

1 Kg Chicken, Preferably Indian Chicken Or Mutton

1 Tea Spoon Of Peppercorns

15 - Dry Short Red Chillies

1 1/2 Table Spoon Of Coriander Seeds

1 Tea Spoon Of Jeera

1/8 Tea Spoon Of Methi Seeds

1/4 " Turmeric

Three Onions, Chopped Into Small Peices

12- Flakes Of Garlic


1/2 Grated Coconut

1 Tea Spoon Of  Tamrind Paste

Salt To Taste.

Method For Preparing Kori Da Koddel Or Chicken Rasa Bunts Style:

1. Roast The Following Ingredients One At A Time In A Kadai. Peppercorns, Short Red Chillies,

Coriander Seeds, Jeera & Methi Seeds And Turmeric.keep Aside.

2. Melt Ghee In The Same Kadai And Fry 1 Onion. When Transparent Add Garlic. Remove When


3. Lastly Roast The Coconut Till Light Brown.

4. Grind To A Fine Paste Of All The Above Roasted Ingredients Along With Tamrind Paste And 1

Cup Water.

5. Clean & Cut Chicken. Keep Aside.

6. Put The Ground Paste Into A Cooking Pot. Add 1 Cup Water And 1 Onion Roughly Chopped. Boil

 The Ground Masala, Till The Raw Smell Disappears. Add Chicken, Salt And Cook For Half An

Hour. Stirring In Between Necessary. Check The Taste. If The Gravy Is Too Thick Dilute By Adding


Tempering :

In A Separate Pan Melt Ghee. Fry A Chopped Onion Till Pink. Pour Over The Gravy And Cover The

 Cooking Pot Immediately.

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