Chikku Sheera

Chikku Helps To Make Your Skin Is A Sourcr Of Vitamin E,it Is Good For The Eyes,it

Has A High Amount Of Glucose,it Gives Instant Energy.

Ingredients For Making Chikku Sheera:


Chikku Pulp-1/2cup

Sugar-1 Cup(less Or More)

Ghee-1/2 Cup



Cashew Nuts

Water-2 1/2 Cups

Cardamom Powder- Pinch.

Method For Preparing Chikku Sheera: A Pan Put Chikku Pulp And 3 Spoons Of Sugar Mix Well And Cook For 3-4 Minutes And

Switch Off The Flame N Keep It Aside.

2. In A Pan Heat The Ghee And Fry Raisins ,and Cashews [no Need To Take It Out]

2. Now Add Sooji And Mix Well And Fry In A Low Flame Till It Turn To Light Brown.

3. Add Remaining Sugar To Rava And Mix Well. Add Cooked Chikku And Mix.

5. Pour Warm Water To The Sooji And Stir.

6. Add A Pinch Of Salt.

7. Sprinkle Cardamom Powder And Mix.

8. Stir Till It Leaves Sides Of The Pan .

9. Can Serve Hot Or Cold.

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