Kulfi ( Eggless)

Ingredients For Making Kulfi ( Eggless)

1. 1 Tin Of Condensed Milk

2. 3 Tins Of  Milk Cream ( Use Condensed Milk Tin For Measurement )

3. A Few Strands Of Saffron

4. Few Almonds Chopped

5. 50 Grams Of Chopped Cashewnuts

5. 1 Tea Spoon Of Green Cardamom Powder

Method For Preparing Kulfi ( Eggless)

1. Soak Almonds In Water, Leave For 1 Hour. Water Loosens The Skin. Peel The Skins Off. Slice

Thinly. Do Not Put In A Mixie. Use This For Garnish.

2. Mix Cream & Milkmaid Together In A Mixer. Remove.

3. Add To This, Saffron, Cardamom Powder & Cashewnuts.

4. Freeze In Any Airtight Container.

5. Once It Is Half Frozen , Take It Out And Mix It With A Spoon. ( This Ensures That The Nuts

Would Mix In Well). If You Do Not Do This Step Then All The Nuts Would Be Sitting At The

Bottom Of The Container.

6. Put It In The Freezer And Let It Freeze Completely.

7. While Serving Sprinkle Some Almonds On The Top.

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