Falooda Ice Cream:

Falooda Or Sabja Seeds Helps For Weight Loss, Reduces Body Heat,acidity,helps For Healthy Skin

And Hair,these Seeds Are High In Vitamins Especially Vitamin K,it Is Also Very High In Protein

And Iron.

Ingredients For Making Falooda Ice Cream:

Chilled Milk Of 1/4 Glass

Rose Syrup Of 2table Spoons Or Ac To The Taste

Cooked Rice Vermicelli Of 1table Spoon

Soaked Falooda Seeds Of 1table Spoons

Chopped Fruits Of 4table Spoons(mango,banana,chikku)

Roasted And Powdered Dry Fruits Of 1table Spoon Or More(cashew, Badam,pista)

Raisens Of 1/4tea Spoon



Ice-cream Of Pista , Mango Or Raspberry.

Method For Preparing Falooda Ice Cream:

1.cook Rice Vermicelli With Little Milk And Little Sugar And Keep Aside.

2. Mix Chilled Milk With, Rose Syrup And Falooda Seeds.

3. Chop The Above Fruits.

4. Roast Dry Fruits And Make Coarse Powder.

5.clean Raisens And Small Cut Dates.

6. Prepare Jelly.

7.take Tall Chilled Glass And Fill Chilled Milk Mixed With Rose Syrup And Falooda Seeds.

8. Add Rice Vermicelli Cooked With Sugar And Milk.

9. Next Layer Is Chopped Fruits. Followed By Powdered Dry Fruits. Of The Glass Is Filled With Ice Cream And Jelly Or Sugar Syrup.

11. Your Falooda Is Ready!!!

You Can Make Your Own( Choice) Falooda Dressing.

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