Hungarian Chicken

Ingredients For Making Hungarian Chicken:

Ghee -- 3 Table Spoons

Chicken -- 1/2 Kg

Garlic & Ginger Paste

1 Green Chilly

Tomato Sauce

Soya Sauce

Onion -- 3 (cut Into Long Thin Pieces)


Chilli Powder

Chopped Coriander leaves.

Method  For Preparing Hungarian Chicken:

1. Heat The Ghee In A Pan.

2. Saute The Onions And Fry Till Pink. Add Green Chillie Fry & Add Ginger Garlic Paste.

3. Add Chicken In The Pan. Add Soya Sauce, Chilly Powder & Salt As Required. Then Add Water.(As Its A Dry Preparation Do Not Add Too Much Water)

4. Cover The Pan And Cook Till The Chicken Over Low Flame Until Fully Cooked And Dry.

5. Add Tomato Sauce And Remove From Flame.

6. Garnish With Chopped Coriander leaves.

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