Ice Cream Cake With Butterscotch Sauce

Ingredients For Making Ice Cream Cake With Butterscotch Sauce:

1 Packet Chocolate Bourn Bon Biscuit (150grames)  (crumbled)

2 Bars Of Chocolate Honey Comb (crumbled)( I Used Three Variety Chocolate Bars)

100 Grams  Honey Coated Peanuts (i Used Mixed Chopped Nuts)

1 Liter Vanilla Ice Cream

Method  For Preparing Ice Cream Cake With Butterscotch Sauce:

Mix All The Above And Chill

Assembling The Ice Cream Cake

Line A Deep Bowl With Cling Wrap Keeping Some Extra Wing To Fold In. Drop The Ice Cream

Mix To The Lined Bowl And Press It To Even It. Cover The Top Of The Bowl With The Extra

Wing. The Ice Cream Mix Should Be Covered With The Cling Wrap Completely. Chill It In The

Freezer For 8-10 Hrs.

Ingredients For The Butterscotch Cream:

2 Table Spoon Of  Unsalted Butter

2 Table Spoon Of  Castor Sugar

3 Table Spoon Of  Light Brown Sugar

4 Table Spoon Of  Golden Syrup

1 Tea Spoon Of  Vanilla Extract

125ml  Of Double Cream


In A Sauce Pan Start Melting Both The Sugars, Butter And Golden Syrup On Medium Heat. Let It

 Boil And Bubble For 5 Mins, Now Add The Double Cream And Vanilla, Stir And Let It Boil For A

 Min. The Sauce Looks Runny, Ones Slightly Cool It Thickens.


A Slice Of The Ice Cream Cake Drizzled With The Warm Butterscotch Sauce.

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