Mango Ice Cream ( Eggless)

Mangoes Contain 20 Vitamins And Minerals,it Decreases Risk Of Muscular Degeneration,risk Of

Obesity And Over All Mortality,diabetes,heart Disease And Promotes A Healthy Complexion And

 Hair,it Helps In Digestion.

This Ice Cream Is Deceptively Easy To Make, The Texture Is Rich And Creamy. I Did Not Get

Much Time To Take The Pics Before It Started Melting. All You Have To Do Is Give This Ice

Cream A Lick And You Will Fall For This Hook, Line, And Sinker! Try This Frozen Dessert.

Refreshingly Good!

Ingredients for making Mango Ice Cream ( Eggless):

1 Tin Condensed Milk

2 Tins Milk Cream Or Dairy Free Topping

1 Tin Alphonso Mango Pulp

( Use Condensed Milk Tin For Measurement Or You Can Use A Cup Of Any Size. Just Make Sure

To Use The Same Cup To Measure All The Ingredients.)

Method for preparing Mango Ice Cream ( Eggless):

1. Empty Can Of Condensed Milk And 1 Tin Mango Pulp In A Blender Till Smooth.

2. Add Cream And Use The Whisk Button ( On & Off ). Be Careful Not To Whisk Too Much As The

 Milk Cream ( Not Soya Cream ) May Turn To Butter!

3. Once Fully Blended, Remove From Blender And Transfer Into An Airtight Freezer Box And

 Freeze Over Night Or Till Firm.

4. Serve In Scoops Or Slices Into Large Individual Bowls And Serve Immediately.

5. A Must Try For All Dessert Lovers Wink Emoticon

6. Decorate The Ice Cream With Fresh Mango Pieces!

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