Mixed Fruit Sheera

Ingredients For Making Mixed Fruit Sheera:

1 - Apple ( I Used Gala Apple )

2 -3 Strawberries

1 Cup Of Sugar

1 Cup Fine Sooji Or Rava Or Bombay Rava

½ Cup  Of Milk

1/8 Tea Spoon  Elaichi

5 -6 Tea Spoons Ghee

Salt A Pinch

1 Cup Water.

Method  For Preparing Mixed Fruit Sheera:

1. Make Slices Of Apple, Strawberry And Make A Fine Paste Of It.

2. In A Pan Fry The Sooji With Little Ghee Till It Turns Golden Color.

3. Boil The Water In A Separate Vessel And Add To Fried Sooji And Stir Well.

4. Once The Rava Is Cooked, Add Sugar And Milk, Stir Well For 4-5 Minutes.

5. Now Add The Apple And Strawberry Along With Pinch Of Salt And Elaichi.

6. During Every Step Add 1 Tea Spoon Of Ghee To Avoid The Mixture Sticking To The Bottom Of

The Pan.

7. Mixed Fruit Sheera Is Now Ready To Eat.

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