Omelet Masala Kheema

Kheema Or Mince Can Be Made With Any Meat You Prefer. It Is Extremely Versatile And Just

Changing The Masala Can Result In A Great New Taste Each Time. Masala Kheema Tastes

Delicious With Chapatis, Rice Or Even Bread.

Ingredients For Making Omelet Masala Kheema:

1/2 Kg Chicken Kheema

2 Table Spoons Of Ghee

3 Medium-sized Onions Sliced Fine

1 Table Spoon Of  Garlic Ginger Paste

1 Medium-sized Tomatoes Chopped Fine

Salt To Taste

Mangalorer Chillie Masala Powder

Method For Preparing Omelet Masala Kheema:

1. Heat The Ghee In A Wok Or Deep Pan, On Medium Heat.

2. Add The Onions Now. Fry Till They Turn A Pale Golden Colour.

3. Add The Ginger And Garlic Pastes And Fry For 1 Minute.

4. Add The Tomato And Fry Till Soft.

5. Add The Minced Meat, The Chillie Masala And Salt To Taste.

6. Pressure Cook For 10 Minutes Adding 1/2 Cup Water.

7. When Cool Open The Lid. Cook Further If The Kheema Is Not Dry.

Omelette: ( Optional )

3 -4 Eggs

Salt To Taste

Chillie Powder To Taste

2 Table Spoons Of Ghee

Coriander Leafs For Garnish

Method :

1. Meanwhile, Make The Omelete. Season The Eggs With Salt And Chillie Powder To Taste.beat


2. Heat 2 Table Spoons Of Ghee Ina Large Frying Pan , Pour In The Eggs And Cook Gently Until

Set, Flip And Cook The Other Side. It Should Be Browned On Both Sides.

3. Carefully Transfer To A Serving Dish. Spoon Over The Masala Kheema And Garnish With

Coriander Leafs.

4. Serve With Chapatis Or Bread.

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