Omlette Snack Or Egg Appa:

Omlette Snack Or Egg Appa:

An Interesting Snack Made With Minimal Ingredients. Even If You Have Stepped Into The Kitchen For The First Time You Should Be Able To Follow This Easy Recipe To Make This Delicious Snack. Try Them Asap!

Serves 4 People

Ingredients For Making Omlette Snack Or Egg Appa

3 Eggs
1 Medium Onion
2 Green Chillies
1 Tsp Coriander Leaves
1/2 Cup Bread Crumbs
Salt To Taste
1/2 Tea Spoon Homemade Green Masala Or Any Other Chillie Powder With Condiments
Ghee / Oil
Tomato Sauce

Method  For Preparing Omlette Snack Or Egg Appa:

1. Break Eggs & Mix Well.
1. Chop The Onion, Coriander Leaves, Green Leaves Finely.
2. Break Eggs, Add The Masala Powder, Salt & Mix Well.
3. Mix All The Ingredients. Add Bread Crumbs Little By Little & Mix. The Consistency Should Be Dropping Type. ( Like Idli Batter )
4. If It Is Watery, Then Add A Little More Bread Crumbs.
5. Light Your Gas Stove Before You Place The 'appa Pan/ Guri Appa Kavali'.
6. Grease The Pan, With The Help Of A Ladle, Fill Each Compartment Or Slot In The Pan Till Half Measure With The Mixture. Cover With A Dome Shaped Lid.
7. Half The Space Is Left Empty As The Mixture Rises On Heating. Cook On Slow Flame For 2 -3 Minutes.
8. Take The Lid Off. Once The Appa Rises And The Bottom Side Is Brown, Flip It Over Slowly With A Wooden Spatula And Cook The Other Side.
9. Drizzle Another 1 Or 2 Drops Of Oil In Each Slot And Cook For 2 More Minutes. Remove When Done.
10. Drain On A Paper Napkin.
11. Serve The Egg Appe With Tomato Sauce.
12. Tastes Good Only When Hot.

Just Prepare Your Favourite Omlette Mixture And Add Some Bread Crumbs And Cook In An Appe Pan.

Use A Prestige Appa Pan With Teflon Coating. It Comes With A Wooden Spatula ( To Flip The Appa ) Which Has A Skewer On The Other End. ( To Pierce The Middle Of The Appa To See If The Inside Is Fully Cooked ).

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