Sapada Bhakshya

This Is A Special Sweet Offered To Lord Satyanarayana During Satyanarayana Vratha.

Sa Means Equal And Pada Means Quarter. Here Mainly Four Ingredients ...semolina , Milk,sugar

 And Ghee Are Used In Equal Quantity. Bhakshya Means A Special Dish.

Ingredients For Making Sapada Bhakshya:

1 Cup Fine Semolina

1 Cup Sugar 1/2 Cup Ghee

4 Small Bananas

3 Glasses Of  Milk

2 Tablespoons Of  Chopped Cashew

2 Table Spoons Of Raisins.

Method For Preparing Sapada Bhakshya:

Roast Semolina In 2 Table Spoons Ghee Till Fragrant.

Boil Milk With Sugar. Add Mashed Banana To It.

Lower The Heat Add Semolina Little By Little , Stirring It Constantly. See Lumps Are Not Formed.

Add Ghee Spoon By Spoon. Cook Till Done.

Usually The Prasadam Is Kept Covered In Plantain Leaf.

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