Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberrys Helps In Burn Stored Fat,boost Short Term Memory,low In Calories,high In

Fiber,promote Bone Health,good For Weight Loss,promotes Eye Health,

Ingredients For Making Strawberry Ice Cream:

Strawberry Pulp Of 1 Cup

Condensed Milk Of 1 Cup

Whipped Cream(dream Whip)-1/2 Cup

Ingredients To Make Whipped Cream:-

Cold Milk---1/2 Cup (115ml)

Strawberry Essence--1/2 Tea Spoon

Dream Whip--1 Sachet

Method To Make Whipped Cream

1. Blend The Following In A Deep Narrow Bottom Bowl.

2. Beat On High Speed With A Hand Mixer(egg Beater) For 4 Minutes Or Until Topping Thickens

And Forms Light Fluffy Peaks.

3. If Kitchen Is Hot(over 30 C)chill Empty Bowl And Beater Before Combining Not

 Chill Dream Whip Package Or Use Unpasteurized Milk.

Method For Preparing Strawberry Ice Cream:

1.prepare Strawberry Pulp Using Blender.

2.keep Whipped Topping Ready .( Follow The Directions )

3.mix Strawberry Pulp, Condensed Milk ,and Whipped Topping With A Hand Beater In A Large


4.mix Well And Refrigerate For Overnight Or Till Done.

5.decorate With Crushed Strawberry Or With Roasted Nuts

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