Chicken Koorma

Ingredients For Making Chicken Koorma:

One Big Chicken

2 Cups Curds

½ Tea Spoon Turmeric Powder

Small Bunch Coriander Leaves

6 Green Chillies

2 Big Onions

One Inch Piece Ginger

2 Table Spoons Of Garlic Paste

2 Tablespoons Of Poppy Seeds Or Khus Khus

25 Raisins

25 Almonds Or Badam

One Big Coconut, Cut Into Small Peices And Grind Them And Exrtact Milk From Them.

4 Table Spoons Of Ghee

6 Cloves

6 Cardamom.

Method For Preparing Chicken Koorma:

I. Clean And Cut The Chicken To Medium Pieces.

2.add Curds, Turmeric And Salt To The Chicken Pieces And Keep Aside.

3. Grind Coriander Leaves, Green Chillies, Ginger, Onion And Garlic To Fine Paste.

4. Grind Raisins, Almonds And Poppy Seeds To Fine Paste.

5. Grate The Coconut And Add 2 Cups Water And Extract Milk.

6. Again Add One Cup Water And Remove The Second Milk.

7. Heat 4 Table Spoons Of Ghee In A Vessel. Add The Cardamom And Cloves.

8. Add The Coriander Leaves , Green Chillies, Ginger, Onion And Garlic Paste And Fry Till It Turns Golden In Colour .

9. Add The Chicken Pieces And The Second Milk And Cook For 5 Minutes.

I 0. Now Add The First Milk And Almond , Raisins And Poppy Seeds Paste.

I I. Cook In Low Flame Until The Chicken Is Cooked And The Ghee Starts Flowing On Top.

I2. Serve With Ghee Rice Or Chappathi.

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