Mughlai Chicken

Ingredients For Making Mughlai Chicken:

 Half Kg Of Chicken

Garlic Flakes  Of Six

Cloves Of Four

 One Cinnamon

 Four Onions Chopped Into Small Pieces

 One Tea Spoon Of Cumin Seeds

 Half Tea Spoon Of Saffron

 One Tea Spoon Of Lemon Juice

 Six Cups Of Hot Water

 Half Cup Of Oil

Salt As Required Of Your Requirement.

Method For Preparing Mughlai Chicken:

1) Cut The Chicken Pieces, Wash Them And  Apply Salt, Keep Aside.

2) Chop Onions Finely In To Pieces

3) Grind Garlic, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Goa Red Chilies And Cumin Seeds Into A Fine Paste.

4) Heat Oil, Fry Onions, When They Are Translucent, Add Ground Masala And Fry Over Low Heat
Till Oil Separates.

5) Then Add The Chicken Pieces And Fry Them For A While Until The Chicken Is Well Mixed With The Masala.

6) Add Six Cups Of Hot Water And Let It Simmer Until The Chicken Is Tender.

7) Now Add The Saffron Soaked In Lime Juice.

8) Simmer For A Few More Minutes And Serve Hot Garnished With Fried Potatoes And Hard Boiled Eggs.

9) Goes Well With Steamed Rice, Jeera Rice And Roti Or Naan As Well.

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