Red Chicken

Ingredients For Making Red Chicken:

Half Kilo Gram Of  Chicken Cut Into Medium Sized Pieces

One Medium Sized Onion Chopped Into Small Pieces

 Take One Table Spoon Of Curry Leaves

Two  Medium Sized Tomatoes Chopped Into Small Pieces

One Table Spoon Of Ghee

Salt As Per Your Requirement

 One Table Spoon Of Coriander Leaves For Garnish

Masala: Grind Fine With Little Water

Two Table Spoons Of  Coriander Seeds ( Dry Roasted)

Half  Tea Spoon Of Jeera Seeds ( Dry Roasted)

Ten Red Chillies Or To Taste( Dry Roasted)

Three Pepper Corns And Three Methi Seeds ( Dry Roasted)

1/8th Small Lemon Sized- Tamarind

Half  Tea Spoon Of  Turmeric Powder

One  Small Onion , Chopped Into Small Pieces

Three Cloves Of Garlic.

Method For Preparing Red Chicken:

1. In A Kadai, Take Ghee, Fry The Oinons And Curry Leaves To Light Brown, Add The Chicken

Pieces And Fry For Little While.

2. Add The Tomatoes And Salt And Close The Lid For 2-3 Minutes.

3. Add The Ground Masala And  Fry.

4. Add The Mixi Washed Water Too .

5. Cook The Chicken Till Done.

6. Garnish With Fine Cut Coriander Leaves.

7. Goes Well With Chapatis Or Rotis.

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